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Rayotek grows, grinds, machines and polishes low-cost,
high-volume parts, such as:

  • Sapphire tubes
  • Sapphire pins
  • Sapphire rods
  • Sapphire spheres
  • Sapphire standoffs & spacers
  • Sapphire blocks & side mounts
  • Sapphire wear parts - rods, bearings & friction plates
  • Sapphire tube insulators & tube isolators

Why are sapphire micro-parts superior glass?

  • Sapphire is far more scratch resistant than glass
  • Sapphire is one of the hardest, most wear-resistant materials available after diamond
  • Sapphire has much a higher IR and UV transmission than glass
  • Sapphire is also more temperature & chemical resistant than glass
  • Sapphire is also a good thermal conductor , much better than standard glasses
  • Sapphire is a superior dielectric material with a high dielectric constant and low loss tangent

Rayotek is a precision sapphire tubes manufacturer providing products of superior quality. Our engineering department can
assist you from design to final manufacture to deliver high quality sapphire products for your application.

Click to Enlarge - Sapphire and Ruby Windows Click to Enlarge - Micro-tubes, Bearings and Bearing Housings Click to Enlarge - Rods, Plates and Pins


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