strengthening glass


Rayotek has developed cutting edge technologies for glass and sapphire strengthening.

Chemically strengthened and thermally tempered glass is 2 to 3 times stronger than untreated glass and is much safer in breakage situations.

Sapphire is one of the hardest, most durable, mechanically strong materials available commercially. And yet… we have processes that can make it even stronger!



Our processes for glass and sapphire strengthening include:

  • Thermal glass tempering of flat & complex shapes
  • Sapphire & glass surface melt & fire polishing
  • Glass & sapphire chemical strengthening
  • Ultra high temperature sapphire annealing & treating
  • High compression glass strengthening

Some applications that benefit from our strengthening processes:

  • Thermally strengthened of security & safety glass
  • Glass & sapphire strengthening for high pressure windows & systems
  • Sealing of high pressure glass & sapphire sight windows, sight glasses
    & flow sight indicators
  • Thermal & chemical strengthening of sapphire & glass display windows
    for cell phones & PDAs
  • Strengthening of sapphire & glass windows, domes & cylinders for ultra
    high pressure systems

Rayotek is an industry leader in glass and sapphire strengthening.



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