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Rayotek has developed proprietary processes for sapphire and glass assembly through bonding, brazing, hermetic sealing and soldering. We utilize reducing and vacuum atmospheres for glass and sapphire brazing and soldering. We also do glass and sapphire welding and glass frit sealing.

With our glass and sapphire bonding and assembly methods we can do:

  • Ceramic, plastic & metal to glass hermetic sealing
  • Ceramic, plastic & metal to sapphire hermetic seals
  • Metal to glass brazing
  • Metal sapphire brazing
  • Glass to glass bonding - custom organic & inorganic adhesives
  • Sapphire to sapphire bonding - custom organic &
    inorganic adhesives
  • Thermal fusing of borosilicate and glass to stainless steel,
    brass & other metals & ceramics.

Rayotek excels in the following:

  • Aerospace & deep sea equipment
  • Sensors & measuring systems
  • High vacuum systems
  • High & ultra high pressure window & sight glass systems
  • Electronics components
  • Engine & motion systems
  • Lamps & optics
  • Down hole high pressure viewing systems

Our engineering department is here to assist you in determining the best glass and sapphire bonding and assembly system for your applications.


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